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After You expand possibilities of the Appointment Book with the new modules, You will decide whether you are fine with the SERVE Professionals manual or You need additional support. SERVE Professionals consultants will accommodate both the system to Your business and the business to the system. In other words, they will analyse the work procedures of Your company and suggest possible improvements. Furthermore, they will train the staff to use the system for gaining a maximum benefit.

The system SERVE Professionals is fully protected from any unauthorized access. Customer or technical support is available only with the Client’s request or consent. We guarantee confidentiality by Service Agreement.


  • By phone
  • Email
  • Remotely
  • At Licencee’s

Remote service is provided by using a remote access software Teamviewer 9.

SERVICES Remotely At Licencee’s workplace
Subscription service*
  • Business consulting.
  • User consulting relating all options, settings and usage of the system.
  • System update software for the Licencee.
During working hours:

Monthly subscription*

During non-working hours:

See “Situational consulting”**

 See “Situational consulting”**
Situational consulting
  • System installation and configuration.
  • Business consulting.
  • User consulting relating all options, settings and usage of the system.
During working hours:
15 min. 10 €

During non-working hours:
15 min. 15 €

During working hours:
1h. 48 €

During non-working hours:
1 h. 70 €

Travel costs in Lithuania:
1 km. 0,30 €

  • Additional programming
1 h. 60 €
*     Subscription service is obligatory.  Мonthly price is indicated in the Agreement.
**   Additional fee.
*** Prices without VAT 

SERVE Professionals support center

Tel. +370 682 09111
Email: serve@serve.lt
Working hours: 8:00 -17:00 (Lithuania, GMT+2)

* Prices do not include VAT when applicable
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