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How can I test the system prior to ordering it?

You can download a free SERVE Professionals Appointment Book here and use it for unlimited time. After you get to know the system, you will decide whether you want to expand its possibilities.

How can I order the license for SERVE Professionals?

We invite you to get familiar with the Rules of Placing Orders.

How can I pay for the software?

You can choose any acceptable method of payment: you can either pay the whole amount upon purchase or receive a 36-month interest-free trade credit. The monthly payment does not exceed the software rent fee.

Can we learn how to use the system on our own?

You will decide yourselves whether you are fine with the SERVE Professionals manual or you need to order consultations by our experts on installing and using the system.

Do I have to pay for consultations?

Consultations are paid, but you can choose from two options: a monthly subscription fee or payments for actual consultations. More

Are there going to be the system updates?

Yes, we constantly upgrade SERVE Professionals. We will regularly provide you with the information on new developments and you will be offered to upgrade your system for a one-time fee.

We are not sure which modules to choose. Who should we consult with?

Needless to say – our experts. Only they can introduce you to all the possibilities of the system and advise on the ways to improve the performance of the company and to deal with arising problems. We will help you to upgrade the pricing and introduce extra services that will increase your turnover and profits.

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